Bébés Dinosaures, 22 mai 2011

lundi 23 mai 2011 par bbdino |

Au-delà de l’obligatoire dose d’énervés (Pink Fairies, New York Dolls) on notera dans cette émission une rare apparition de Pink Floyd.

Télécharger (mp3 - 93.2 Mo) / Popup

les Bébés Dinosaures 22 mai 2011 

Blue Öyster Cult Transmaniacon MC Live in Rochester 1972
Pink Fairies X-Ray What a Bunch of Sweeties 1972
Alice Cooper You Drive Me Nervous Live Long Island 1972
The Melvins Rocket Reducer no 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) Cover Songs  ?
Brainbox Doomsday Train The Best Of  ?
New York Dolls Teenage News Red Patent Leather 1975
Pink Floyd Pigs (three different ones) Animals 1977
The Muggs Never know why On with the show 2008
Golden Earring She Flies on Strange Wings Live 1977
The Blackbyrds Blackbyrds theme The Vibes of Funk Jazz (comp.)  ?
The Who Amazing Journey/Sparks Live at Kingston upon Hull 1970
[fromage de chèvre]
A. & S. Striano & A. Maio Tammuriata di Casatori Pietre Precioze e oro fino (comp.)