Bébés Dinosaures, 6 novembre 2011

lundi 7 novembre 2011 par bbdino |

Peut-on vraiment coupler "Immigrant Song" avec "Elected" ? En tout cas, les Bébés Dinosaures, qui osent tout, l’ont fait.

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les Bébés Dinosaures 6 novembre 2011 

Alice Cooper Elected Billion Dollar Babies 1973
Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song Mothership III (Sydney Showground - 27 February) 1972
Donovan What a beautiful creature Hurdy Gurdy Man 1968
Blue Öyster Cult Demon’s Kiss Live in Moscow, Idaho 1992
John Lennon Ya Ya Rock and Roll 1975
[classic album]
Lynyrd Skynyrd Poison Whiskey Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin’nerd 1973
Endless Boogie Tarmac City Full House Head 2011
David Essex Rolling Stone In Europe 1976
Lee Moses Would you give up everything ? Time and Place 1971
The Streakers Turn me down single 1974
UFO Out in the Street Live Record Plant 1975
Alice Cooper Talk Talk Flush the Fashion 1980
The Kinks Lost and Found Think Visual 1986
DMZ Lift up your hood Radio Demos 1976
[fromage de chèvre]
Ar Breizerien Les vepres des grenouilles Bretagne, chants… (comp.)  ?
The Renegade My Revolution single 1974
King Hannibal The truth shall make you free Truth 1973