Bébés Dinosaures, 20 novembre 2011

lundi 21 novembre 2011 par bbdino |

De MC5 à Ry Cooder, on pourrait attendre une émission revendicative. Mais elle se contente de recycler le blues, et bien d’autres choses.

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les Bébés Dinosaures 20 novembre 2011 

MC5 I Want You Right Now Live at Sturgis Armory 1968
Alice Cooper Woman machine Muscle of Love 1974
Alice Cooper Caffeine Welcome 2 my Nightmare 2011
Roy Head Who do you love The Crazy Cajun Recordings  ?
Spirit Like a Rolling Stone Rockpalast 1978
A Thousand Knives of Fire Bony Moronie Sucking the 70’s  ?
Blue Öyster Cult Still Burnin’ Live in Moscow, Idaho 1992
Dr John Huey Smith medley Gumbo 1972
Ace Sniffin’ About Five A Side 1974
Sylvia Hall Don’t touch that thing Great Bahamas Gumbay  ?
Spooky Tooth Sunshine Help Me Nomad Poets (live in Germany) 2004
[classic album]
The Beatles Back in the USSR [white album] 1968
Kinks Picture Book Village Green Preservation Society 1968
Taj Mahal Corina blues Recycling the blues and other related stuff 1972
[fromage de chèvre]
Ry Cooder No Banker Left Behind Pull up some dust and sit down 2011