Bébés Dinosaures, 26 mars 2017

dimanche 26 mars 2017 par bbdino |

On repart dans l’espace avec les dinosaures, avec des morceaux choisis non sans une certaine mauvaise foi...

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Les Bébés Dinosaures 26 mars 2017

[spécial space 2]
Hawkwind Upside Down Space Ritual 1973
The Undisputed Truth Spaced Out Cosmic Truth 1975
Kim Fowley Inner Space Discovery Outrageous 1968
Montrose Spaceage Sacrifice Paper Money 1974
Sun Ra Love in Outer Space [single] 1970
Spirit Space Child 12 Dreams of Dr Sardonicus 1970
Spontaneous Combustion Spaceship Triad 1972
Ace Frehley Outer Space Anomaly 2009
David Bowie I took a trip on a Gemini spaceship Live Top of the Pops 2002
Inner City Unit Space Invaders Passout 1980
Legendary Stardust Cowboy I took a trip on a Gemini spaceship [single] 1969
Hawkwind Children of the Sun X in Search of Space 1971
Spirit Space Jam Son of America 2005
Devo Space Junk Are we not men ? 1978
Brett Smiley Space Ace [single] 1974
UFO Space Child Phenomenon 1974
Sly & the Family Stone Spaced Cowboy There’s a Riot Goin’ on 1971
Joe Cocker Space Captain Mad Dogs & Englishmen 1970